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Develop your telekinetic strength by pushing a Cube within a geometric universe.Platforms, enigmas and reflexes combine to make EDGE a rich and very comprehensive game.
***NEW BONUS LEVEL: "ZIAS"***This level was created by Zias, a 7-year-old EDGE fan! It's level 16 of the bonus pack. Thank you Zias & Two Tribes.
• An original game ideally suited for mobile devices• 48 levels to challenge• 16 bonus levels• 19 unique tunes!• A simple, addictive game for every type of player
BEST MOBILE GAME- Videogame Festival Milthon Award, Paris
EXCELLENCE IN GAMEPLAY- IMGA (International Mobile Gaming Awards) Winner
BEST MOBILE GAMEBEST iPHONE GAMEAUDIO ACHIEVEMENT- Triple finalist in IGF Mobile (Independent Game Festival)
9/10 - (Gold Award)5/5 - FingerGaming.com4/4 - slidetoPlay.com4,5/5 - Touchgen.com4,5/5 -